Chris Cuomo Interviews An Illegal Alien. The Man's Response Doesn't Align With CNN's Agenda.

CNN's Chris Cuomo had a conversation with an illegal alien, with the help of a translator, about why the man decided to come to the United States. The questions Cuomo asked confirmed what President Donald Trump and the Republican Party has said for the past few years: illegal aliens are coming to America for jobs, not because they're truly seeking asylum from a dangerous government.
“Is he here to work or is he here for asylum?” Cuomo asked the translator.
"He wants to work but if he gets asylum he's willing to get asylum," the translator told Cuomo.
"Why did he take his kid with him to come here if it's just to work?" Cuomo asked.
"It's what you and I were talking about. He says that if he comes here with his son then he's allowed to stay," the translator responded.